Thursday, 4 April 2013

That Wedding by Jillian Dodd
That Wedding (That Boy #2)
by Jillian Dodd
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 2 stars

(From Goodreads) The gorgeous engagement ring on my finger mimics my happiness.I feel so sparkly, glittery, and full of promise, because I absolutely know he's that boy.
The boy I want to marry. My prince. My happily ever after.

But then our pastor starts asking lots of questions.
His parents say I haven’t dealt with my past.
I have horrible wedding disaster dreams.
I can’t find the perfect dress.
I have to manipulate him to get my way.
An old boyfriend asks me to run away with him.
My best friend says I'm going to ruin everything.
And forever starts to sound like a really long time.

Which totally freaks me out and makes me question everything I know.

Should best friends get married?
Will my past affect our relationship?
Are my horrible dreams a warning?
Will I ever find a dress?
Could his sexiness be clouding my judgment?
Am I going to ruin everything?
Or is it just a case of cold feet?

And then I have to decide. Am I willing to give up on true love forever, or am I going to listen to my heart and marry him

It was just okay. There were very few things I really enjoyed about this book.

"All I ever dreamed about was marrying a prince, but that was really as far as I got. To me, it was all about finding the right boy. I guess I sorta thought once you found the guy, the wedding just sort of fell into place" I love this quote, I think it's beautiful and should be the attitude given more often in today's world. The person you are marrying should be the most important part of the day.

As of about the 30% mark I stopped enjoying it so much. If it wasn't on my kobo throwing it would have been very tempting! I can no longer empathize with JJ at all. She has become a self-centered bitch who has no idea how to deal with conflict, or anything for that matter, when she is not getting her way. Her opinion is the only one that matters and anyone whose opinion differs is stupid and has no idea what they are talking about. Phillip has stopped being as sweet and is beginning to make fun of things she says and share them with others as well as he is beginning to start arguments. This last part would be okay if JJ wasn't so incapable of talking about things. The only good thing at this point is the conversations with Danny and Lori. This remains a problem for so much of the book.

The good things? It ended. Okay, it wasn't quite that bad and there are a few redeeming things near the end. I did love Jadyn's views on fairy tales, I found that humourous and true. I think reading her rewrite of a fairy tale would be quite entertaining.

"You are my best friend, my love, my life, my princess" I loved their vows, they were beautiful and so true to the characters.

So while there was not all that much I enjoyed in this book it was not the worst I have read. The first one was definitely better.

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