Wednesday, 20 March 2013


NeophyteNeophyte (Linked #1)

by Emmalee Aple
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal
Rating: 3 stars

(From Goodreads) Addisyn White thought she had her new life, her after life, all figured out. Granted death had not brought her to the pearly white gates, she hadn’t even left Earth. But death had its perks; she got to live forever with her best friend and her assigned Link of Angels, in a beautiful beach house. Even with the changes she was going through to turn her human body into an angelic one, everything seemed pretty easy. Until a gray winged angel comes into her life, then all the secrets and lies her Link had been keeping start crumbling away, exposing a whole new world of dangers she didn’t even know about. 

Now Addisyn must fill in the blanks before things escalate too far. Will she save her Link? Or will she be buried in their secrets forever?

Its a pretty good book and definitely worth a read. Angels are not my thing but it is still enjoyable. The premise and characters are interesting. I particularly liked Hunter and his loyalty to Addisyn. There is action right at the start and it continues on pretty well throughout the book. How little Addi's link tells her about being an angel does get a bit repetitive. Also her whining gets to be a bit on the extreme side although I understand her frustrations.

Something I loved about the book was learning how Addisyn died and would like to know more about how it is decided who gets reincarnated as angels. The basic idea is shown but I think it would be interesting to learn more. Another thing I found enjoyable and different was Addi and Grey's secret code to identify themselves.

My biggest issue is there are still some editing problems, these tend to take away from the story. Improper usage of words is very frustrating for me as a reader and there are currently some of those issues in this story as well as general spelling and grammar mistakes. I do look forward to reading more from this author who also happens to be a great friend

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